what we do

educate & train

Our passion is learning. We are pedagogical specialists and advocates of C21 innovation. We understand how to optimise and enhance learning experiences. We design, develop and deliver engaging, relevant, authentic learning materials and resources, blended learning and training solutions and challenging leadership programs.


We are committed to creative excellence, fun and imagination. We think outside the box to scope and design a project or product. We collaborate with our clients to create inventive, intuitive and ingenious solutions for online learning environments, multimedia learning resources or face to face training programs – targeted to difference audiences, age groups and learning styles and preferences.


We are inquisitive, methodical and persistent. Through our comprehensive evaluation methodology, we effectively analyse and determine what is working and what is not – and why. We evaluate software products, online resources, systems and learning and training programs. We know products and programs need to be intuitive, usable, relevant and useful.


We see the big picture. We know and are part of the national and international education landscape. We understand leadership and change. We strive to support and build the capacity of our clients. We are often asked to provide advice because we are strategic, non-aligned and objective, and we use clear and simple language to communicate it.


We manage projects well. We are highly organised, effective, consultative, collaborative, reflective and great communicators. We employ an iterative and inclusive approach to our project management methodology. We can undertake all aspects of a project life cycle including scoping, planning, communications, management, implementation and evaluation.


We are curious, dedicated learners. We are exceptional researchers and analysts. We like to find out about the latest thinking, the latest technologies, how things work, why they work and what is needed to make things work better. Our research methodology includes online and offline approaches.

why we do it

We are dedicated to user-centred approaches, design and consultation.
We believe in the importance of professional learning to build capacity and confidence.
We are passionate about learning, creating, connecting and making a difference.
We reflect on and connect with the world we live in.
We embrace the opportunities afforded by digital technologies.
We are lifelong learners.
We value collaboration and nurture relationships.
We aim to share and gain deep knowledge.
We try to be the people our dogs think we are!

how we do it

We are committed to user-centred design. We consult with and involve project owners and target audiences. Their needs, wants and expectations are considered at key stages of all projects. This enables us to optimise the success of each project and helps ensure that the solutions we devise effectively meet the needs of the target audiences and deliver innovative, relevant and effective outcomes to our clients.

e-confidence framework

The dk2 E-confidence Framework informs the work we do with schools and school leaders. Drawing on the Masters research of dk2 Director, Nikki Deighton, the framework describes a model of whole school transformation based on the concept of e-confidence: this is more than technical capacity and competence because it refers to effective teaching and learning practices that are built on positive, supportive relationships across the school community, with an emphasis on building teacher and leader capacity and the confident use of digital technologies tools, resources and innovative pedagogical approaches to fully engage and stimulate student learning. In this model, the school is re-cast as a learning organisation with students central to and the catalyst for any decisions and work undertaken by teachers and school leaders.

who we are

nikki deighton

director & principal consultant

Nikki is a highly organised, flexible, motivated and creative thinker with exceptional interpersonal skills, who works closely with clients to produce excellent project outcomes. Nikki has extensive experience in organisational leadership, change and transformation and contemporary pedagogies. She is skilled at strategic planning, stakeholder consultation, research, curriculum development, instructional and learning design, e-learning, training and, the innovative implementation of digital technology-based programs in a range of contexts at state, national and international levels.


meredith king

director & principal consultant

Meredith has excellent interpersonal, organisational, strategic thinking and writing skills.  She has extensive experience in project scoping and management, evaluation, research, survey design and data analysis, learning design, e-learning and training and the innovative use and implementation of digital technologies in a range of small enterprise and larger scale contexts, at state, national and international levels.  Her attention to detail and logical, systematic approach ensures the successful implementation of each project she manages.


anne-marie doyle

consultant & project support officer

Anne-Marie has excellent interpersonal skills and is committed to ensuring that dk2 client requirements are met through regular and clear communications. Her enthusiasm and friendliness make all our clients feel welcome, cared for and listened to. Her interview technique elicits rich qualitative data from stakeholders and her outstanding organisational skills contribute to effective and efficient project support and administration.


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